Red Batik Stripes Dress

AU$ 55.00

Model the Red batik stripes dress to stunning out. This high-flown dress is a must-have for any classy out.

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Women's Sizes

In the art of Batik, wax keeps the dye from getting into certain parts of the fabric. Wax-resist colouring is another name for this process.

Cotton is often used because it takes colours well and keeps them for a long time. A canting is a tool with a spout for dripping the wax into the desired shape. A cap is a metal stamp that is used to make designs. For bigger shapes, a hard brush is used to spread the wax. The wax is removed with hot water, and the fabric is painted. So, the part that was waxed is a different colour than the part that was dyed. The waxing and dying process is often done to get the desired look of many colours. Designs are often bright and have their style.

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